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Carmel-by-the-Sea California’s Storybook Town Coloring Book for All Ages

36 hand drawn illustration to color

by Jan Kohler    Copyright 2016

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Cover of Carmel Dog Notebook

Carmel-by-the-Sea Dogs Notebook      California’s Dog Friendly Town

77  illustrations, each illustration is on a lined page, blank on the back of each.

Chapters include Dogs in Fashion, Shop Dogs, A Dog’s Life, Beach Fun, Walking the Dog and Dogs on the Go.

by Jan Kohler and Donna Kohler   Copyright 2017

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Cover Carmel-by-the-Sea Notebook

Carmel-by-the-Sea Notebook Explore California’s Storybook Town

80  illustrations and map printed on one side

It is like walking the charming streets of Carmel with a guide.  Includes bits of history and interest.

by Jan Kohler and Donna Kohler   Copyright 2017

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Treadle Sewing Machines Clean and Use an Iron Lady

by Donna Kohler     Copyright 2010         Illustrated by Jan Kohler

Available on Amazon

Available on Etsy   Many great reviews on Etsy where it has been available since publication in 2010.

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Jan, pronounced yan, is a Dutchman, born and raised in the Netherlands, commonly called Holland. He is an architectural illustrator and artist.

I’m Donna and call myself an American mutt, English, Mexican, American Indian, Spanish and just discovered more Irish blood than English. I rescue old sewing machines like some people rescue cats and I dream and write.

Together, as husband and wife, we write and design books.

We are do-it-yourselfers of home projects, the biggest one is my castle shed. It is enchanted and protected by the gargoyles. We bake all our bread, often cook together and enjoy having company in a casual atmosphere.

We lived in Holland for several years, a great experience for me as an American. Living in Europe I learned to appreciate the Dutch heritage and love of anything “gezellig.” That word itself is part of the Dutch culture.

Now, in California, we combine our experiences of Europe, the medieval town where we lived, Amersfoort, and visits to Amsterdam, Paris, London, Brugge, Prague and other cities.

Our home is full of our interests, a wall full of books in the living room, teapots in the dining room and treadle sewing machines in many nooks and crannies. Books transport us to the past or an imaginary world where dragons, fairies and elves live. At night we think we hear the teapots bickering and the old treadle sewing machines talking about their adventures.

We believe a little nonsense is good for the soul. Stay a while, explore and join our mailing list.


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