Billy Bob the Tabby Cat

We adore Billy Bob! When our neighbor, Joanne, goes away we eagerly pet sit. He twists and stretches and keeps us laughing with all his positions. In the evenings we read and Billy Bob keeps us company moving from one place to another. We are constantly taking photos of him when we see a comfy pose.

Billy Bob the tabby cat laying down with paw stretched out

Billy Bob the tabby cat on his back, paws up, eyes open

Billy Bob the tabby cat with cute grin on his face

Look at that cute little face with the little black freckles on his nose.

Billy Bob the tabby cat stretched out with a yardstick by him

He stretches full length at times and I¬†go for the yardstick to measure his length, this time his forearms were not stretched out but he’s still almost a yard long.

Billy Bob the tabby cat bending back in a chair

This looks like kitty yoga.

Billy Bob the tabby cat another twisted position on his back

In between stretches and rests he comes for a good brushing with a rubber brush. It is as therapeutic for me as for him.

Billy Bob the tabby cat on his back, rear legs open

Billy Bob looks like limp spaghetti in this photo. He warms our hearts.

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