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I sell leather sewing machine belts, sewing machine needles, some parts, oilers, specialty threads, and other items.

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Treadle Lady Home

sewing machine

Treadle Boulevard

My hubby nicknamed our home Treadle Boulevard because I collect old sewing machines like some women collect cats. After they are rescued and cleaned all they need is a little petting and sewing machine oil. 

This is a 1923 Singer Model 66 in a drawing room cabinet. It is nicknamed Miss Ellen Elevator because the machine comes up like an elevator when you open the top, unlock,  and push a button. The cabinet has many doors and drawers. You can watch an old YouTube Video here.

treadle sewing machines

Treadle Alley

When hubby named the locations I asked for signs! This photo shows the following machines and nicknames. 

Front to back:

Scarlet, 1939, Singer 15K

Gibson Girl, 1903, Willcox & Gibbs

Scotty, 1889, Singer 13K

Bertha, 1889 Singer VS2

Davis, 1886 Davis Vertical Feed

Maria Astorga Amaya

My Grandmother

This is my grandmother about 1910 when she was young and beautiful. She taught me to use her Singer treadle sewing machine in 1954. Later, when I was a young woman we spent a summer together sewing on her two treadle sewing machines. A few years after she died I bought my first treadle in 1973. In 1999 I decided to buy a second one and couldn't stop. 

They are like potato chips, you can't stop at one.